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1941 Plymouth

1950 Mercury

1953 Hudson - all colors special order
  None built yet

1953 Studebaker

1955 Chevy Pick-up

1957 Ford Ht

1959 Chevy Convertible

1960 Corvette

1960 DeSoto Ht

1967 Impala SS

1969 Dodge Superbee

1969 Dodge Dart GT

1970 Plymouth Superbird

1970 Challenger RT

1970 Mustang


1968 Nova Drag Car - NEW
  Second View

1962 Chevy Stock Car

1963 Fireball Roberts Ford

1963 Holly Farms Chev

1964 Petty Plymouth

1966 Smokey Yunick Chev

1967 Sox & Martin GTX

1971 Purolator Mercury

1976 AMC Matador

Indy Car

Miller High Life Buick

STP P/S Firebird

Thanks to all modelers for your support!

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