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Wings Wheels and Waves is now the proud owner of MCW Auto Finishes. Same great products and the same great service.

authorities will not permit us to send paint
out of the US as it is considered Hazzardous Material!

now $15.00 each and 1 oz. jars are $7.50.  Special Order colors are $18.00 for two 1oz. jars (see info in the Misc. Section).  This is the first increase in 3 years.
Lacquer is still being made by PPG who has no plans to stop production, but continues raise prices.


All finishes are mixed with automotive paints from the best factory formulas available. The manufacturer's name listed is for the most popular car. Other makes may have used a different name for the same color (see key at end of each company's list). MCW now offers an Automotive Paint Reference Guide for Model Cars.  It's listed in the Misc. Section (first item).

Colors are formulated in lacquer. All of the finishes are pre-thinned and ready-to-spray to insure that the proper thinner is used at the correct mixing ratio. All colors are formulated to be safely used on plastic, resin or metal models over lacquer primer. Our lacquer primers are safe for use on plastic, as well. Lacquer primer is strongly recommended under all paints. This will assure good coverage and adhesion of the color coat. MCW recommends you test any paint products before applying to the actual model. AE is phased out of production.  Special Order information is listed in the Misc. Section.

It is necessary to stir the paint thoroughly before spraying. Straining may be required. If the paint seems thick, a few more drops of thinner may be added. Misting on lacquer will cause the paint to go on too dry and rough. All coats should be sprayed on wet. Lacquer dries very fast and is very hard to run. Also, it is very thin and won't hide details.When spraying lacquer color and/or clear coats a clouding effect may appear on humid days. This effect disappears when rubbed out. MCW recommends spraying with 15-20 lbs. air pressure. Keep your air brush clean by spraying lacquer thinner through it before and after using. Spray all color and clear coats the same day, 5-10 minutes apart.  For beginners, we offer a 93 min. instructional video on air brushing from start to finish.  It is listed in the Misc. Section under Paint & Accessories. 

Model Car World has a condensed line of lacquer colors in 4 1/2 oz. aerosol cans listed in a separate section with red buttons under the heading AEROSOL, all other listings are air brush. IMPORTANT: Follow shaking procedure on can.

Buff-Ez is a mild buffing compound used to rub out lacquer or fully-cured enamel after a light sanding with 1500 grit. Final Finish is a glaze used to remove any micro-scratches left by Buff-Ez. Polyester Putty w/hardener is non-shrinking, non-porous, easy-sanding putty safe for plastic, resin and metal models. It may be applied under or over lacquer primer. Mix in small amounts sparingly with hardener. Polyester Putty dries in minutes. Scrub off skin with soap and water.

We offer a multi-purpose enamel sealer. A sealer is required when putting light colors over red, orange or yellow plastic where bleed through is a problem; when chrome trim has been removed; or with some old plastics. It must be topcoated within 8 hours or resealed. MCW recommends a light coat of lacquer primer then a coat of sealer. Allow the sealer to dry 4-5 hours then apply two more ight coats of primer. The sealer is enamel so go easy with the primer. Sand only the last coat of primer. The first coat of primer is for adhesion of the sealer to the plastic.

MCW offers the Model No. 250 Basic Spray Gun by Badger along with cans of propel and accessories. The basic Badger is highly recommended as being inexpen- sive, easy to use and giving great results. For those of you who don't have an air brush and are used to spraying with aerosol cans, we offer the Preval aerosol sprayer.  It has a 6 oz. paint jar and the aerosol power pac will spray up to 16 oz. of paint. The power pac is available separately and is replaceable like air brush propel. Due to the size of the jar (6 oz.) and the fact that the paint pick-up does not extend all the way to the bottom, it will require two 1oz. jars of paint to spray each model with the Preval.  Both Prevail and Badger are listed in the Misc. Section.

Thanks to all modelers for your support!

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